Unpopular Opinions And Theories About Pixar Movies That Make Total Sense

When it comes to magical animated films, Pixar has an incredible track record, and that trend appears to continue today. On March 28, 2023, this studio released the full official trailer for their new release, Elemental. And it reveals a lot more about the film’s plot by showing Ember and Wade’s relationships with their respective parents and introducing them to each other’s families. But not everyone thinks that Pixar is perfect. Redditors have revealed their most unpopular opinions about the studio’s own animated films, from despising some iconic characters to unsanitary conditions.

Cars: questions about this universe

In this movie, a hotshot rookie race car gets stranded in a rundown town on his way to probably the most important race of his life and learns that winning is not everything. But there are a lot of questions about this universe. For instance, how do the cars eat?

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Do they require food in addition to gasoline? What is the deal with the cow vehicles sleeping outside? The only distinction between them and Mater is their ability to communicate. They are no smarter or dumber than Mater; they just moo and fart.

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