So Wrong Yet Technically Correct: Funny Posts About Superhero Movies

What do you think is missing from most superhero movies these days? Some Marvel and DC fans claim that the real issue is emotional stakes over world-ending stakes and heart-driven plots over action-driven plots. Well, flippant film fans on Reddit are roasting popular superhero movies with the power of the truth. No film, whether Marvel or DC, is safe from sarcastic film fans armed with the power of observation. Here are a few posts that made us laugh while also being brutally true!

Iron Man

Everybody knows Iron Man, alias Tony Stark and his crazy life as a superhero/billionaire/tech genius. But did you know that Tony Stark is based on a real person? Stan Lee based Tony Stark on Howard Hughes, a famous billionaire, and aviator from the first half of the twentieth century.

Photo: Reddit

Hughes, like Tony, was multitalented and had plenty of money to spend on his lavish lifestyle, which included inventing, film directing, engineering, flying planes, and being a bit of a ladies’ man. Unfortunately, no evidence suggests that he also invented a super iron suit, but you never know…

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