Cartoons Aren’t Just For Kids: Here Are Six Adult Animated Shows From 2022 That Everyone Should Watch

When you think of adult animated shows, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Crude jokes and nasty pranks, right? However, these series for grownups are much more than that. They often focus on taking deeper looks at how to process grief, challenging the superhero narrative, and examining complicated family dynamics while making us laugh with their witty humor. To celebrate this medium and give animators the credit they deserve in the entertainment industry, here are six animated storytelling projects from 2022 that are absolutely priceless.

Smiling Friends

Do you remember visiting your best friend’s house to see random videos online as a child? If so, you probably recall that the Internet used to be a dark and chaotic yet thrilling place with a peculiar sense of humor that could give adults the creeps.

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Those who miss the good old times should see Smiling Friends, a new Adult Swim animated show that situates us in a company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world. While this premise may sound innocent, it’s far from being so: its humor is based on unfiltered Internet jokes from the 2000s.

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