These Disney Sidekicks May Not Get The Main Storyline, But They Can Surely Steal The Spotlight

Do you have a best friend that is always there for you and never shies on helpful advice or hilarious one-liners? If so, you probably know that your life wouldn’t be the same without them, right? Well, the same happens to most inspiring Disney heroes and heroines, as they wouldn’t be as incredible as they are without a witty sidekick’s assistance. It’s time to show those charismatic, humorous characters the love they deserve by listing them out and highlighting their memorable contributions.

Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

What makes Lilo & Stitch such a unique movie? While some argue that the main reason is the message about family that it gives, we’re pretty sure that people are in love with this film because of Lilo’s charismatic sidekick.

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Landing in Hawaii from a distant planet, Stitch is here to keep the protagonist company and care for her more than anyone else. And as though that wasn’t enough to love this blue alien, his Elvis scenes are epic!

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