These Superheroes Make Glasses Look Cool

Not so long ago, wearing glasses was for losers. How many of us felt self-conscious about not seeing well and spent our entire middle school years waiting anxiously for the moment we could get contact lenses? Fortunately, they’ve now become a fashion statement, and even those who don’t need prescription lenses have gotten a pair. That said, superheroes have been making specs cool for several decades already, proving that there’s no need to have perfect sight to save the world. We have compiled a list of some of the best glasses-sporting comic book characters. Keep reading to see who they are.

Alex Wilder, leader of The Runaways

Alex Wilder, leader of The Runaways, might not have the pedigree that The Avengers members have, but he’s way more incredible because of one particular feature: he wears not just one but two pairs of glasses. Oh, that, and he’s among the few African-American team leaders.

Photo: Marvel Comics

His abilities don’t stop there. Did you know that he has no powers except being a prodigy in logic and strategy? Besides, he’s the son of two notorious villains who he betrayed in favor of his group. All things considered, Alex Wilder is one exceptional guy.

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