Spooky Time! Check Out Six Frightening Comics About Ghosts

We all love the Halloween season and the feeling we get in our gut after reading horror stories. So, why should we limit our consumption of spooky content to October only? Just think about it. Who says that we can’t enjoy getting scared in, let’s say, April? Because of that, we’ve decided to share six ghost comics that will give you the creeps and make you sleep with the lights on any time of the year. Scroll down to discover them!


Do you like your horror stories coupled with a fine glass of biting social commentary? If your answer is “yes,” look no further, dear friend: Infidel is the kind of comic you need to satisfy your need for something spooky yet thought-provoking.

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Billed as “a haunted house story for the 21st century,” this masterpiece delivers on its premise but with a little twist, as the book delves into the real-world theme of racism while simultaneously embracing the phantasmal devices of horror. Don’t miss the chance to read it!

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