See What Celebrities Had Their Own Terrible Cartoon Shows In The 80s And 90s

Ahhh, the 80s and 90s. Was there a better time to be a child? Not only did we have thousands of funny games to play with our friends, but we also could sit in front of the TV on a Saturday morning to enjoy celebrity toons. And while most were awfully animated and had cheesy catchphrases, we couldn’t help but spend hours watching them. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a trip down memory lane, because we have a list of those horrible cartoons featuring celebrities!

Mister T

The reason why Mr. T had his name changed to Mister T for his animated outing remains unknown. Still, one thing is for sure: this celebrity toon was arguably the most iconic, mainly because the actor himself appeared before and after each episode to give children a moral lesson.

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Despite making little sense and lacking substance, Mister T surprisingly managed to last three seasons on TV and get its own cereal brand, which was a noteworthy achievement back then. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the animated show was actually good!

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