The Top 8 Comic Book Movies That Made Us Believe In The Power Of Comic Book Cinema

Road to Perdition could be an excellent example of a comic book being adapted into a film that has nothing to do with traditional superheroes, don’t you think? Though not all comic book fans might agree on the best comic book movies, some believe that a few of these films are even better than the source material. So, whether you prefer Marvel or DC movies, here you will find some of the best superhero films and excellent film adaptations of graphic novels. Read on to find the best in the comic book movie genre!

Captain America: Civil War

Did you know that Captain America: Civil War made over $1 billion and has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 90%? This amazing Marvel film not only opened the door to Black Panther and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man but also was the 7th most expensive movie ever made.

Photo: Marvel Comics

Moreover, a few days ago, Chris Evans (who plays Captain America) stated that he hurt his arm muscles when he filmed the scene where he held the helicopter in one hand and the ledge in another. Do you think that it was worth it?

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