These Pictures Prove That Tom Holland Truly Is Your Friendly Neighbor Spider-Man

Tom Holland has not only won the hearts of Marvel fans with his portrayal of Spider-Man, but he has also become a beloved figure in Hollywood. Did you know that Tom’s audition for Spider-Man was so secret that even his family did not know he was auditioning? Ultimately, it turned out to be a great call, as he is just perfect for the role. With his pure smile and charming personality, it is no surprise that he has built close relationships with many of his co-stars, proving that he is just as friendly as his character!

Marisa Tomei

While Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei share a great aunt-nephew relationship in the Spider-Man films, they have also been seen joking around during interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Marisa praised Tom, saying that he is charming and really brings a lot to the character of Spider-Man.

Image courtesy of Tom Holland on Instagram

On the other hand, Tom revealed on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming that he believes Marisa to be a brilliant actress and that he was lucky to work with her. He also thanked her for helping him find his footing in the role.

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