Animals On The Silver Screen: Meet Eight Adorable Pixar Creatures That Could Steal Anyone’s Heart

When Steve Jobs purchased the Computer Division from George Lucas and established it as an independent company named “Pixar” in 1986, little did he know that his new business would become one of the most successful in the entertainment industry. Little did he know, too, that Pixar animators would create characters that made audiences worldwide go “awww!” at the cinema. To honor the famous animation studios’ work, we’ll introduce you to the most adorable animals to ever get to the silver screen. Before you scroll down, get ready for a cuteness overdose!

Dug from Up

Who doesn’t love to cry throughout an entire movie? Pixar knows that, which is why they released Up in 2009. And while this movie has plenty of interesting characters with generous hearts, none is as sweet as Dug.

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An absolute hero and a loyal companion, Dug makes Carl understand the importance of bonding with others with his unconditional love. This adorable pup’s first words in Up are, “I have just met you, and I love you,” and we just felt the same.

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